How to find 'Off Market' Property Deals

The Real Estate Industry's equivalent of Insider Trading!

Did you know THOUSANDS of homes are selling in secret every day in Australia - without a marketing campaign, online advertising or even a "for sale" sign in the front yard?

This hidden market is gold!

Using these exact strategies I've found hundreds of these elusive 'Silent Sales' for my clients equalling thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars saved off the purchase price individually, as well as gaining a sneak peak at many properties before the rest of the market even knows about them.

This report aims to answer all your questions:  

  • Why would sellers even want to sell 'off market'?
  • 20 ways to find these elusive 'off-market' property deals
  • The positives and negatives of buying a property off market
  • Ive found an 'off market' property, now what? 
Buyers Agent Gold Coast

About the Author

Hi! My name is Nicole Marsh and I've been a property buyers agent on the Gold Coast for the last 13 years.

Over that time I've worked with hundreds of buyers from all over the world to help them secure their own little piece of the Gold Coast. 

I know first hand exactly how lucritive purchasing one of these elusive 'off market' property deals can be and wanted to share my knowledge with you in the hope that you too, can save thousands of dollars off the purchase price. 

"Nicole tracked down a property that matched our criteria before it went to market and negotiated a fantastic price for us."

David Mann - USA

This 20 page report has the potential to save YOU thousands of dollars on the purchase price of your next property! 

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